Payment Accepted

What payment options do you offer and how do you process my payment?

When making payment with Klukkur we guarantee four things for your peace of mind:

  • 100% Secure checkout using the latest PCI compliant gateway security and SSL encryption processes
  • No Sending money overseas
  • A variety of Payment options
  • No cross boarder transaction fees for Australian account holders

At Klukkur we use local Australian merchant facilities so you don’t have to send money overseas and you don’t get surprised by hidden fees and charges, when buying from many international sellers you may be surprised by the cost of sending payments overseas due to hidden exchange rate conversion charges most sellers and banks pass on to you the customer, thats why for your peace of mind we only charge in Australian dollars and we only use local Australian merchant facilities.


We offer the following payment methods for our Australian and New Zealand customers:

Card Payments using the following cards through our Australian PCI Compliant payment gateway direct merchant facility:

  • VISA and VISA Debit cards.
  • Mastercard, Debit Mastercard and PrePaid Mastercard cards.
  • AMEX also known as American Express cards.
  • Diners Club cards.
  • JCB cards.
  • Polipayment

We also accept Direct Deposit or Bank Transfers Via our NAB business account. (note for international transfers outside of Australia there is a $20 administration fee)

PayPal merchant facility payments are currently not accepted due to higher fees and charges imposed on us the merchant, as we wish to ensure we offer the best possible price to you the consumer we need to ensure we keep all costs to a minimum, while we may introduce PayPal in the future there will likely be a surcharge imposed on such payments.

Klukkur reserves the right to refuse or withhold any order from dispatch in order to process further security checks, if required these can delay an order for an additional 1 to 2 working days depending on the purchaser.

Do I need to send you a receipt for confirmation of my payment via direct deposit or bank transfer?

You do not need to send us any receipts or any payment confirmations provided you use your order number as the reference number when making your deposit, if not done this can cause delays in matching your payment to your order, once the payment is received in our account, you will receive an email from our Finance team as confirmation that we have received your funds.